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Welcome To Sunbeam Babatpur

Sunbeam in Action : Sunbeam Babatpur firmly and particularly believe in justifying the accountability that it has towards all those who have reposed faith in its ability to groom / mould their wards.

We welcome everyone and anyone who wants to pursue excellence in education. This is facilitated by dedicated educators who are trained to channelize their energy and resources towards child-centred qualitative learning. Our intention and effort is to provide an education that does not tire the child but refreshes them; an education that makes them an active seeker of knowledge and enhances their compassion for each and every member of the human family. 

Best Results

With the holistic, value-based education of the highest quality, students perform exceptionally well raising their moral and confidence. We are now among the leading schools of Varanasi with a consistent 100% result every year.

Our Vision and Mission

Online consolidation, growth and collaboration within and across institutions that are instrumental in holistic growth of students, in a conducive environment, that promotes excellence and the students further move on to refine the social fabric.

Extra Curricular

The children indulge in multifarious activities throughout the year like grip sheet, imaginative drawing, thematic sticking, free play and fun activity.